Riad Argan Complete Hair-Care Line


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Riad Argan Complete Hair-Care Line

Riad Argan Complete Hair-Care line 

Riad Argan is a complete hair-care line featuring 100% Organic Argan Oil. 

* Gentle shampoo 

* Conditioner restructuring-nourishing

* Hair Mask

* Illuminating hair spray containing Flaxseed and Argan oil

* Shower Gel

Argan Oil is one of the most effective natural products to add strength and shine to dry, brittle and damaged hair. 

Native to South Morocco, Argan trees produce the kernels from which the precious oil is extracted. 

Riad Argan Incarose uses 100% organic Argan Oil that is first cold-pressed to maximise the emollient, hydrating and nourishing properties of Argan. 

Riad Argan is a precious hair-care treatment as:

* It deeply nourishes and hydrates hair

* Makes your hair shiny and soft to the touch

* Protects the hair from the drying effects of the sun, sea, chlorine, hair straighteners and hair dryers

* Softens and strengthens the fibres of dry and brittle hair

* It's the right solution for all hair types - curly and straight, dry and oily. 

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