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The 'Single Application Revolution' 

A single application of Lavilin deodorant creams eliminates perspiration odour for 3-7 days, while the roll-on and the stick deodorants, for up to 72 hours! This revolutionary, ultimate odour prevention changes international standards in the approach towards eliminating perspiration odour without the need to block perspiration.

Lavilin, used properly, frees you from the embarrassment of unpleasant perspiration odour. It is effective regardless of the amount and extent of physical activity. It allows you to bathe, swim and exercise, making it an ideal solution for athletes.

Lavilin Hypo-Allergenic

• Eliminates perspiration odour at the source by neutralising odour-causing bacteria
• Safe deodorants that do not interfere with bodily functions
• Aluminium, Alcohol and Paraben FREE
• Contains Arnica and Calendula known for their anti-bacterial properties
• Contains Chamomile that is soothing to the skin
• Has a user-friendly texture that spreads easily
• Clinically and dermatologically tested and found to be effective
• Formulated for all ages (starting from adolescence)
• Not tested on animals

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