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Love Mother Nature

Luxurious handmade cleansing bars for face and body with all natural ingredients.

Nonna Mary Ades face and body soaps contain a unique blend of pure natural oils, flowers and herbs, nothing else added. The gentle and deep cleansing formula leaves your skin clean, soft and refreshed. Your first step to a great and younger-looking skin, naturally!

Nonna Mary Ades soaps are handmade in Galilee using centuries’ old traditional cooking method and only the purest, and finest ingredients from renowned natural sources. Extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed from the freshly picked olives of a thousand years’ old olive trees in the Holy Land. The most luxurious Rose Otto oil uniquely made in the beautiful Rose Valley in Bulgaria, this essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the flowers of Damascan Rose,  it is very precious and also known as ‘liquid gold’.  The lavender oil is distilled form the freshly cut flowering tops of Lavandula angustifolia grown in Bulgaria at high altitudes, its fresh scent is naturally sweet and calming. Moroccan Rosemary oil is known as the ‘herb of remembrance’ because its most refined fragrance is known to stimulate the mind, this ancient oil was considered ‘sacred’ back in Egyptian times because of its cleansing and medicinal properties. Laurel oil distilled from the leaves of Laurus Nobilis trees native to the Mediterranean country of Croatia, cultivated there since ancient Roman times. Laurel leaves used to be held in high esteem as the symbol of glory and power and treasured as a medicinal plant, the oil with its woody and slightly spicy fragrance has been used in cooking, soap and natural cosmetics for many centuries.  Sustainably sourced organic sage, geranium and wild nettle, freshly picked add to the fresh herbal aroma and unique properties. Avocado and Coconut oil will keep your skin soft and moisturised. 

Experience the ultimate natural treatment for a beautiful soft skin, unlock the bouquet of ingredients to treat your senses, choose clean beauty and the highest quality of traditional craftsmanship!

Free from parabens, SLS, petrolatum, alcohol, artificial additives and colours, NO animal fats, Cruelty free.


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