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EPH Diamond Lip Care

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EPH Diamond High Tech Lip Care Range

Super-hydrating, smoothing, wrinkle filling Hyaluronic Acid for lips

Unique translucent techno stick for shiny and youthful lips. Its formula is with three different types of Hyaluronic Acid: in microspheres, with low molecular weight and with high molecular weight. Instantly provides a triple filler, intense hydration and anti-ageing effect. 

* Hydrating action

* Anti ageing effect 

* Wrinkle filling 

* Instant illuminating 

Available in the following flavours: 

White Diamond :
 minty flavour for fresh sensation, sweet and fruity.

Pink Diamond: flowery fragrance passion fruit and berries, with a base of white musk. 

Blue Diamond: almond milk flavour, mixed with lily of the valley, jasmine with tones of vanilla.

Green Diamond: light aquatic fragrance with notes of jasmine, lilac and vanilla.

Platinum Diamond: Mint flavour 

Gold Diamond: Its fresh and intense fragrance blends with sweet notes to impart a nice warm sensation just like its golden colour.

Black Diamond: The stick's fruity fragrance is marked by a delicate scent of bergamont and grapefruit, with floral middle notes.

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