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My Eyes Complex- The fascination of a shadow-free gaze

A full range of treatments effectively helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. Innovative formulations with natural active principles for practical and regular applications. Voted No.1 eye care range, with newly updated formula, specifically tested and proven effective in protecting and rejuvenating the eye contour area. 

Hydrogel active patch - Practical single use Patches. They decongest, hydrate and refresh the lower lids and help reduce bags and dark circles. 5ml 

Tenso Lift - Concentrated firming gel with immediate filler effect. Helps to reduce wrinkles and signs of ageing. 15ml

Crio mask - COLD EFFECT -
Eye contour mask with gel microspheres. Helps reduce puffiness and dark circles and improve the microcirculation in the periocular area, reducing the sensation of tired eyes. (1 mask)

30 Day program (1 x Stick Plus + 4 x Hydrogel Active Patch)
A complete program in a practical box 30 days' treatment. Effectively fight puffiness, dark circles, tiredness and small wrinkles in the periocular area. 

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items